History of the War in Northern Uganda

Between 1986 and 2006, Northern Uganda was a site for violent conflicts that were perpetrated against the civilian populace. This required the people of Northern Uganda to abandon their villages and enter Government-run camps for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

Mom! Please Get Up! Why do you sleep so long time? Little did the child know that the mother was already killed by the rebels in the nearby home!

These camps were supposedly created for the safety of the people, but the camps were rife with disease and violence. At the height of the conflict, 1.7 million people lived in these camps across the region. The conditions were squalid and there was no way to make a living. Thus, a generation of Lango, Acholi and Teso people were born and raised in criminal conditions.

During the war, these rebels have attacked; villages, burnt homes, looted and destroyed properties, massacred several innocent lives, abducted hundreds of children and adolescents and taken girls captive as housewives to rebel top commanders, raped and defiled many women, infected several young girls and women with HIV/AIDS, to mention but a few. The photo below shows the impact of this war on the children.

Until today, some of the abducted children who were taken captive their whereabouts are not yet known whether they are alive or dead. Thankfully, a few of them keep returning home. Today, the impact of the war is self-evident in the region with several orphans and other vulnerable children with no access to education, better healthcare and sufficient basic needs. Some of them are child-headed families, whereas; many other people are living with HIV/AIDS that need to be empowered economically. The region is the Poorest and therefore there is a need for more recovery and development programs

As a result, a quest for human development in areas of education, child protection, food security & livelihood, health and nutrition, Water and Sanitation (WASH) and governance should be placed at the forefront of development agendas in the region.

Today, we’re changing the course of this brutal history. We’re seeking permanent solutions after this post-war conflict to improve the lives of Extremely Vulnerable Children, Youth, Women, People Living with HIV/AIDS and persons with disabilities as a result of the war. Our innovative Programs seek to protect communities of Northern Uganda and promote recovery in the post-conflict region.

To effectively address socio-economic problems faced by these communities, we count on Development Partners, Donors, NGOs, Charities, Universities, Companies, Churches and Individuals to champion this noble cause. Help support these communities of Northern and Eastern Uganda, Africa by Partnering with us.

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