Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

A society where Children and other marginalized people enjoy their socio-economic rights and development

We believe that everything is connected. Without adequate forest cover, soils become depleted; without fertile soils, food production declines and the threat of hunger increases. Without secure food supplies, good health is not possible. In other words, human health is created and sustained by the social, environment and physical conditions that affect people in their communities and not forgetting the spiritual aspect of growth, including development.

Our Mission

To empower children and other marginalized people so as to realize their socio-economic rights and sustainable development.

This will be to support low-income households, orphans and other extremely vulnerable children in their struggle for better health, quality education, livelihood and access to justice. GDI-Uganda will work closely towards this end by: sharing resources that contribute to the survival, development, self-reliance of orphans, communities, individuals in Northern Uganda, building a knowledgeable- committed base of supporters and advocates within the country replicated elsewhere.

Core Values

GDI-Uganda is committed to furthering community based development with a total adherence to; protect and save the rights of the children and other marginalized people, community participation, passion, transparency, and Accountability to the full observation of the laws governing the operations of NGOs in Uganda.

Aims and Objectives

  •  Save children’s lives, advocate for their rights and help them achieve their potentials.
  •  Enhance Human Rights observance, good governance and access to justice for marginalised groups such as Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHAs), elderly, children, youth and women.
  •  Provide alternative learning for both formal and non-formal education to orphans and other vulnerable children, school drop- outs, illiterate adults, war victims and child mothers. This will involve infrastructure developments, establishment of Schools, Vocational Centers/ Institutions and Orphanages.
  •  Reduce poverty through engagement in agricultural programmes, food security and livelihood support to vulnerable communities.
  •  Provide effective and efficient Health Care services to vulnerable communities. This will include establishment of Community Health Centers/ Village Clinics, medical schools and life support to people living with HIV/AIDS/ TB/ skin related diseases and malaria.
  •  Provide clean and safe water, humanitarian relief and sensitization campaigns on hygiene and sanitation to displaced people and vulnerable communities in need.
  •  Build the capacities of local communities, local community based and youth organizations on child rights, democracy, accountability and good governance, health, vocational skills and entrepreneurship development.
  •  To promote environmental conservation and protection through reduced environmental degradation and greening.
  •  To promote spiritual recovery, provide trauma post counseling, planting of worship centers, education, healing, outreaches, growth and development. This will be through media, conferences, seminars, crusades and workshops throughout the Districts.
  •  Raise funds and resources from within and outside Uganda through grants, gifts, endowments, donations, loans and fundraising activities to finance the activities of the organization.

We are motivated to achieve this goal and therefore acts as a catalyst for change using an innovative and integrated program through our six (6) Programme thematic approaches: (1) Education

The institution of GDI-Uganda is governed by well experienced and professional Council of the Board responsible for policy directions, while the day to day running of its affairs

Global Support Development Initiative Uganda (GDI-Uganda) is a re-branded indigenous Youth-led, Non-Profit, Non-Denominational, Non-Governmental Organization formerly, Focus on Northern Uganda Development Initiative (FONUDI-Uganda) established in 2003 and registered in 2013 after 21 years of civil unrest that perpetrated civilian populace in the region of Northern Uganda. It was registered to pursue socio-economic recovery and development in the region and beyond, with the belief that every human being is ‘’Born Free and Equal’’ to his or her full potential and has the right to a life without hunger, poverty, illness, depression, oppression and illiteracy.

It was registered with an initial objective to respond to immediate relief of communities at risk and recognizing the need to create sustainable solutions. As a result, GDI-Uganda has evolved from being solely a relief organization to one which promotes education, food and economic security, skilling the Youth, sustainable development and healthy communities.

GDI-Uganda thus, gave birth to provide innovative solutions to end hunger, malnutrition, poverty, illiteracy and illnesses among hard-to-reach communities of Northern Uganda and beyond, using multiplier effect with Primary target on Orphans (OVCs), Disadvantaged Youths, Women and War Victims. Other beneficiaries are People living with HIV/AIDS/ TB and Persons with Disabilities (PWDS).

We continue to remain a Voice to the Voiceless; a Hope to the Hopeless; and dedicating our service to the fullness and in honor of our God.

Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for ways to serve at Global Support Development Initiative for longer periods of time? GDI hosts an internship session from mid-May to mid-August. This opportunity provides hands-on experience, cultural learning and friendship with the amazing people of Uganda.

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We continue to remain a Voice to the Voiceless; a Hope to the Hopeless; and dedicating our service to the fullness and in honor of our God.

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We continue to remain a Voice to the Voiceless; a Hope to the Hopeless; and dedicating our service to the fullness and in honor of our God.

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We continue to remain a Voice to the Voiceless; a Hope to the Hopeless; and dedicating our service to the fullness and in honor of our God.

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