Message From Board Members

Message from the Chairman Board

Never in our history has GDI-Uganda been so well positioned to deliver scaled and lasting change in the world’s poorest communities of Northern Uganda. This is because compassionate and committed Team have stepped forward — giving of themselves, their resources, their time and expertise — in order to change our fallen nation. Thank you for your past and future investment in our life-changing work and mission.

2016, we worked in three (3) Districts of Northern Uganda, that is; Lira, Kole and Apac and reached more than 77,000 people (with children forming majority of beneficiaries) through our Projects. We continued GDI-Uganda’s long tradition of being on the front line of emergency response. We supplied Vitamin A supplements and albendazole products to children in emergency areas that suffered from intestinal worms as a result of drinking contaminated water from unprotected water sources and provided other services on child protection to areas where early teenage pregnancies and child abuse is rampant. We rescued children (orphans) whose parents are deceased and helped support their education and livelihood. We continue to engage ourselves to executive these great callings with due diligence and commitment.

Beyond the humanitarian aid, we delivered lasting transformation in lives and communities across Alito Sub County in Kole District and Inomo Sub County in Apac District respectively, placing program participants at the center of GDI-Uganda’s empowering solutions. We attacked the root causes of poverty, such as gender discrimination, so that more children, particularly girls, can access quality education — and realize their full potential. We supported people mostly women, as they took control of their finances and futures. Today more than 500 women participate in village savings and loan associations (VSLA), which GDI-Uganda pioneered as a way to harness the traditional practice of group savings.

It’s because of the countless contributions from so many before us that GDI-Uganda can accomplish so much today — and plan boldly for many more life-changing successes like those we celebrate in this report. I am particularly grateful for the leadership and contributions of Kenneth Allan Owani, who, since 2013, stepped up as GDI-Uganda’s Executive Director — registering tremendous legacy and a strong foundation that I am privileged to build upon.

I’ll do that with a passionate team of smart, talented, professional, dedicated staff and a growing corps of advocates and volunteers. In the coming weeks, months and years, we will invest in areas that will amplify our impact — advocating for changes in laws and policies that deprive socioeconomic rights and dignity of marginalized persons, lowering poverty levels from low income households, educating and supporting disadvantaged children, youth and women, sharing knowledge with partners who can then replicate our most successful programs to reach even more families and communities, and using our own platform to partner with social entrepreneurs and change agents to extend our reach. We want to continue investing wisely in innovation, building a movement to overcome poverty and scale up through partnerships.

Those kinds of investments will help shape the future that we imagine for GDI-Uganda. With more than a million people in extreme poverty, we can afford to do nothing less. With your support, we’ll do much more.
God bless

Message from Executive Director

From the impending civil war of the Lord’s Resistance Army Rebels in Northern Uganda, GDI-Uganda has continued to provide a voice and hope to the people.

For the last four (4) years since its inception, GDI-Uganda has been very instrumental in empowering communities through; promoting education of disadvantaged children, providing child protection services to communities in post war zone, distributing free de-worming products and Vitamin A Supplementation to children below 5 years as part of its Health and Nutrition Program, engaging in Youth and Women Empowerment, HIV/AIDS sensitization campaigns and supporting Livelihood enhancement opportunities for sustainable development to people at risk in vulnerable situations.

It has not been easy to walk the journey for all these years especially where the resources were becoming scarce, the donors pulling out of the country and the shrinking environment for the human rights and advocacy Non-Governmental Organizations.

I am proud that through the strong whirling winds and the waves, God has walked us through a successful journey in the last years and many doors are still opening for the Organization in terms of Partnership. I take this auspicious moment to give special thanks and recognition to our donors, who are already in full partnership with us.

There has been great improvement in District Local Government engagements in all the Districts where our activities stretch. To this mark, GDI-Uganda’s operating environment is clear and we pledge to continue working together with the Local Governments.

I still believe that with our constant engagements with the office bearers, service providers and the communities in Lango sub region and far beyond, a more responsive leadership and service delivery shall be achieved while on the other hand creating a self-sustaining community.

We would like to thank all our Board members and Management Team especially those who have always ensured that they give a hand to this Organization. Today, we boast of a strong Team who are working tirelessly to envisage the set mission and objectives of GDI-Uganda. Gratitude to you all.

Nothing will stop us from advocating and lobbying for the voiceless and ensuring that there is improved service delivery, participation and social justice that is; protecting children, women, disadvantaged Youth, PwDs and People living with HIV/AIDS from all forms of abuse, torture, discrimination and neglect.

Where we have reached, I would like on behalf of the staff, members and Council of the Board to pledge that we will never look back and that our foot-marks are heading towards the everlasting success.

I encourage you, that, we are in this together and I open my hands to welcome you, to join this wonderful Team of thinkers with passion to change our communities from grass to grace; ''One Community; One Child at a time''.

Many Blessings to you all, and May God reward your efforts.

Kenneth Allan Owani,

Founder and Executive Director

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