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*GDI- Uganda Community Programs*

*GDI-Uganda* engages in various community programs designed to bring post war recovery to the communities of Northern Uganda. Our programs enhance livelihoods by focusing on key areas of concern such as; food security and livelihood; health and nutrition, vocational skills development, water, sanitation, hygiene and environment; HIV/AIDS/disease prevention and treatment; fighting early marriages, gender based violence (GBV) and advocacy on child abuse.

Farming for Life Program

Launched in June 2017, Farming for Life aims to increase the food security, nutrition, and incomes of smallholder farming communities in Northern Uganda. To achieve these goals, Farming for Life will educate farmers in modern and sustainable farming methods; use effective post-harvest handling and storage techniques, and business and marketing best practices.

With this new knowledge, farmers will produce more nutritious crops, reap greater yields, and generate higher incomes through the sale of high-quality surplus crops.

Currently in its first phase, Farming for Life has taught four (4) smallholder farmer groups in three Northern Uganda villages to grow maize and beans using conservation farming. Farmers learn by doing, working with GDI trainers to construct demonstration plots on their farmland.
The key principles of conservation farming are:
Minimum tillage - Protects soil health
Crop rotation - Maintains strong soil fertility
Mulching - Provides soil cover and protection
Organic fertilizer application – Increases yields while maintaining soil quality

In the coming months Farming for Life will expand its conservation farming education program to more villages, starting with a demonstration plot at the Orphanage. Following the harvest of the demonstration plots, Farming for Life will work with farmers to scale up their operations, properly handle and store their crops, and successfully sell their produce on the market at favorable prices.




A Healthy Body With Vitamin A Programme

Launched in 2015, GDI Uganda’s A Healthy Body With Vitamin A programme aims to combat malnutrition in children under five years through nutritional education, and through the distribution of vitamin A supplements and Albendazole (a deworming product). In addition to directly distributing these supplements, GDI trains local public health and social workers in childhood nutrition and proper supplement distribution.

Safe Delivery Program

Launched in August, 2017, this program aims to achieve improved childbirth outcomes for mothers and babies in Northern Uganda. This is implemented through provision of services to expectant mothers, such as; encouraging mothers to attend antenatal care, training on best feeding practices, issuance of mama kits and training in post antenatal care management.

Support to Persons with Chronic Illnesses and Injuries

One of GDI-Uganda’s ongoing missions is to care for the sick and injured. Since our inception we have worked to identify community members with severe medical conditions, and to provide for their timely and effective treatment/ medical surgery. One of the biggest health concerns in post-conflict Northern Uganda has been the prevalence of HIV/AIDS. In response to this concern, GDI-Uganda conducts community education and awareness campaigns centered on HIV diagnosis, voluntary counseling and testing and provide referral services for persons tested positive to appropriate medical facilities for treatment.

Education Sponsorship Programme

In addition to operating Orphanage, GDI-Uganda sponsors these neediest children to attend school throughout Northern Uganda by covering full costs of their education, welfare and medical health. Today, we have pupils and students in kindergarten, primary, secondary, and medical training school. Regrettably, there are currently many more pupils and students in need of sponsorship than GDI-Uganda can financially support. Our resource envelope is currently limited to meet these overwhelming needs. If you would like to lend a hand by sponsoring a child or partnering with us please click the “Sponsor a Child” tab on the top bar of this website or write to us an email. We will appreciate.

Vocational Training Programmes

GDI-Uganda provides vocational and life skills training to disadvantaged young people who cannot attend formal education, as well as for those who want to supplement their education with vocational skills. Our vocational training program focuses on; school dropout youth, child mothers, war victims, and orphans.
GDI-Uganda currently offers vocational training in:
 Making Arts and Crafts for Sale
 Information and Communication Technology

Our past community program include:

Combating Silent Violence against Younger Children in Post Conflict Areas of Northern Uganda (EC-VAC Project)

Begun in 2015, this programme worked to provide children below eight (8) years of age with protection from child marriages, neglect, abuse, and torture. It did so by training local leaders- such as religious leaders, political councilors, Local Government officials, child protection committees (CPC), children and Primary-school teachers – in problem identification and creating an enabling child protective environment.

The programme also facilitated dialogue between parents, caregivers, and local leaders, focusing on improved child welfare. In addition, the programme involved children in creative arts program providing them an outlet to express their feelings and desires.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for ways to serve at Global Support Development Initiative for longer periods of time? GDI hosts an internship session from mid-May to mid-August. This opportunity provides hands-on experience, cultural learning and friendship with the amazing people of Uganda.

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We continue to remain a Voice to the Voiceless; a Hope to the Hopeless; and dedicating our service to the fullness and in honor of our God.

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We continue to remain a Voice to the Voiceless; a Hope to the Hopeless; and dedicating our service to the fullness and in honor of our God.

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