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About us

Global Support Development Initiative Uganda (GDI-Uganda) is a re-branded indigenous Youth-led, Non-Profit, Non-Denominational, Non-Governmental Organization formerly, Focus on Northern Uganda Development Initiative (FONUDI-Uganda) established in 2003 and registered in 2013 after 21 years of civil unrest that perpetrated civilian populace in the region of Northern Uganda.


It was registered to pursue socio-economic recovery and development in the region and beyond, with the belief that every human being is ‘’Born Free and Equal’’ to his or her full potential and has the right to a life without hunger, poverty, illness, depression, oppression and illiteracy.

It was registered with an initial objective to respond to immediate relief of communities at risk and recognizing the need to create sustainable solutions.

GDI-Uganda thus, gave birth to provide innovative solutions to end hunger, malnutrition, poverty, illiteracy and illnesses among hard-to-reach communities of Northern Uganda and beyond, using multiplier effect with Primary target on Orphans (OVCs).

Our Thematic Programmes

Education Programs

We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty within families and the community as a whole. with high School dropout rates, several vulnerable Orphans not able to access education and lack of quality standards within Schools in Districts of Lango Sub Region and beyond that is; Apac, Lira, Kole, Oyam, Alebtong, Otuke and Dokolo, *we are committed to changing...

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Agricultural programs

Agriculture is a natural channel as it plays a significant role in the prosperity of the country. Agriculture makes up 71% of the Ugandan economy as well as enables the people to survive off of the land. Recognizing the importance of agriculture to Uganda

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Health Programs

The deficiency of quality health services has been pinpointed as a detrimental challenge that the people of East Africa face. As a result, Alot of people are not receiving proper medical care and are suffering or dying due to a lack of treatment.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for ways to serve at Global Support Development Initiative for longer periods of time? GDI hosts an internship session from mid-May to mid-August. This opportunity provides hands-on experience, cultural learning and friendship with the amazing people of Uganda.




Make An Impact

We organize a variety of events to help people learn about and get involved with Global Support Development Initiative . From talks to charity drives to community service, this is where you can find out what’s going on, and sign up!

Skills Development

Through Skills Development, vulnerable *orphans, school dropout youth and child mothers *are given the chance to..

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Creating Opportunies

Global Support Development Initiative Uganda is creating a wave of change and opportunity in a community that for so long has been stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty.

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Child education

This initiative is established to provide education to the neediest Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (OVCs), their healthcare and economic empowerment services to their immediate families and, or, their caregivers, *demonstrating what the bigger...

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Giving Hope

GDI is an entire community systemically working together to not only fight dependency, but is taking responsibility of its people by giving Hope to those who are trapped.

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The institution of GDI-Uganda is governed by well experienced and professional Council of the Board responsible for policy directions, while the day to day running of its affairs.



Come and Work with Us

We are motivated to achieve these goals and therefore act as catalyst for change using an innovative and integrated program through our seven (7) thematic approaches: (1) Education (2) Agriculture, Food Security, and Livelihood; (3) Health and Nutrition (4) Governance and Advocacy, (5) Emergency Humanitarian Relief, (6) Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and (7) Child Protection.

GDI-Uganda has well-established and functional Council of the Board, responsible for policy and governance direction headed by its Chairperson and Secretariat, responsible for day-to-day management of Organizational Program activities. This Administrative Unit is headed by the Executive Director and managed by Program Manager, followed by Management Team and Volunteers in various disciplines. We welcome you to be a part of this Team in transforming communities, ''One Community; One Child at a time''.

Upcoming Events

Empowering Women

Each skill development enterprise supplies a demand in the community, while offering vulnerable men and women training they can utilize to provide for themselves and their families.

Skill Development

Skill development department acts as one of the largest training centers in East Africa

Skill Developmet

Skill development department acts as one of the largest training centers in East Africa

Latest News

Food Security & Nutrition

Adequate nutrition is an essential prerequisite for maintaining health status. The critical role nutrition plays in health and development warrants greater commitment to and investment in nutrition in Uganda.

Jan 24, 2014

Women Empowerment

Girls and women are essential to building healthier, better-educated and sustainable communities.Read More

May 09, 2016

Governance & Peace Building

Mom! Please Get Up! Why do you sleep so long time? Little did the child know that the mother was already killed by the rebels in the nearby home!

Jun 06, 2016

Sanitation & Hygiene

We continue to remain a Voice to the Voiceless; a Hope to the Hopeless; and dedicating our service to the fullness and in honor of our God.

Sep 11, 2014


We continue to remain a Voice to the Voiceless; a Hope to the Hopeless; and dedicating our service to the fullness and in honor of our God.

Nov 02, 2016

Reach Outs

We continue to remain a Voice to the Voiceless; a Hope to the Hopeless; and dedicating our service to the fullness and in honor of our God.

View more Dec 18, 2016

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